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So Here It Is
It's been 2 years since I last wrote on LiveJournal. I forgot. Plain and simple. Things have happened. I have changed. And it's all overwhelmingly unimportant. I am in a relationship that is extremely satisfying. I have an abundance of degrees and I'm only 21. And yet I still can't find a job. Things are the way they are. I find myself terribly alone and I know that it'll be ok.

10th Grade

.Joined Drama class
.Started going out with AJ
.Got in a fight with Elizabeth
.Met David
.Met Steve
.Heard Steven got arrested
.Started having trouble sleeping
.Figured my life this year was pretty boring.
.Broke up with AJ
.Summer school sucks
.On to Junior year.

This year was a lot shorter.
But there really wasnt too much
going on in my life.
It all consisted of depression
so everything else just kind of
melted into the blur of background
that was the rest of my everyday.

9th Grade:

.Got my credit for P.E. (1 down 2 more to go)
.Started cutting myself
.Transfered from Art to JROTC
.Met Spyder, CJ, Steven, Magen, Cassie, and Elsa.
.Joined the drill team
.Started liking Steven
.Started going out with Keith
.Found out he was cheating
.Broke up with Keith
.Steven hints that he might like me
.Winter Break
.Started going out with Sam
.Sam broke up with me
.Found out he was gay
.Steven hints that he doesnt like me
.Cutting gets worse
.Made out with CJ
.Made out with Spyder
.Got in a fight
.Spring Break
.Steven hinted that he likes me.
.Dad finds out i cut. Blows a gasket.
.Told Steven how I felt
.Got shot down
.It hurt more than it should
.Started summer school

There Has Been
A three year span in between my last entry and this one. I re-read all of my old entries and I realized that I have changed abundantly. For one I now use words like abundantly. Also I don't curse as much; only when I can't help myself. To be perfectly honest, I had forgotten that I even had a live journal, seeing as when I did finally feel comfortable with sharing every mundane detail of my life I found, so I started using that. And there is a link to that website on my profile so there's that. To go into details of the last three years would be to write a super long entry so I'm just going to compile a list of the most important/blog worthy occurrences from the rest of 2007 to March of 2010. Its been a really long. Therefore in several other entries with the appropriate headings I will disclose my information. Later.


i heart spontaneous relationships
yo yo yo!! ha ha. newayz i have a new boyfriend you guyz.his name is dustin and hes awesome!! i met him at the mall and on that day i decided to ask him out (ha me and my spontaneous self)newayz yeah so he said alright why not and we have been going out for almost 2 weeks now and its flippin awesome. the only thing that sux is that he lives far away from my house (at least 2 hrs away)

but its cool because we have a lot in common.and i like that because its not to the extreme to the point where the personality traits are annoying but its enough to be compatible with each other. he makes me smile even though sometimes i only get to talk to him for a bit.but despite the lack of communication i enjoy talking to him whenever his phone stops hating me.i always get off the phone with a smile because at least we got to talk and i got to hear his voice.

so yeah spontaneous relationships are fun.

<3 cinthia

my ex-boyfriends a pussy!!!!!!
umm ok then.yesterday 4-11-06,my boyfriend sam broke up with me for reasons i dont think i should say.but he was all im sorry and i dont want to hurt you and blah blah blah blah blah(fucking a-hole).and do you want to know wat makes him a pussy?he fucking broke up with me over the fucking computer.that dumbass crack-head faggot sent me a fucking message on myspace and broke up with me.wat kind of "man"does that shit?!?!i mean honestly be man enough to say it to my fucking to me about it.FUCK!!!!!men are dumb inconsiderate assholes and should all rot in hell (unless your hott and not a dick or gay)but watever.


CURRENT LOCATION:6th period at school
CURRENTLY LISTENING TO:"Rent"movie soundtrack "Light My Candle"

blah!!today is so blah.i have a bruise that came out of nowhere.i am so whole body hurts and my "friends"are talking about something that seems to be of great interest to them and it'll probably be of some interest to me and no one is talking to me.i feel left out.but i should be used to it cus i usually am always excluded from the group activity except from the person closest to me in that group,MAGEN.I LOVE THAT GIRL! and even though i only met her this year she keepsme sane in the faggot school i go to (oakridge high school)i connect with her.she makes me feel like people actually do care about me or are capable of caring about me.(enough of this mushy shit)on to more important things like......................the end of this journal entry.toddles


wilson jermaine heredia is sexxy and "RENT" rules
ummm yeah.I am in love with Wilson Heredia.He played Angel in the movie ''Rent''.That movie really opened my eyes to all of the sadness and struggle that the people who have life threatening diseases go through.It's really sad.If you haven't seen the movie "Rent" you should.Its a sad story.and its based in the 80's and what was going on then but alot of what was happening back then is still happening now.


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